30 Sep, 2023

New Archaeological Finds Challenge Ancient Pyramid Myths

The pyramids of Giza astonished researchers for many centuries with their large size, symmetry, and even their mysterious spaces and frightening rooms, and the confusing puzzle revolved around the construction techniques that the ancient Egyptians used to erect these wonderful harmonious buildings without modern technology, as well as who built them specifically, and whether they […]

7 mins read

Ancient ‘Ivory Man’ tomb found in Spain actually belonged to powerful woman

A modern male-centered view of archaeological remains has overlooked a possible matriarchal society in ancient Europe. A lavish burial site from the Copper Age, unearthed in southwest Spain in 2008, is not the final resting place of a young male leader, as scientists once assumed. As it turns out, the so-called ‘Ivory Man’ is actually […]

3 mins read

The Hidden Hunting Strategies of Neanderthals and Magdalenians

In new research, scientists examined chemical properties locked inside tooth enamel of two Middle Paleolithic Neanderthals and a Magdalenian human from the Almonda karst system, Torres Novas, Portugal. The findings show Neanderthals in the region were hunting fairly large animals across wide tracts of land, whereas humans living in the same location tens of thousands […]

4 mins read

2,600-year-old Stone Busts could be the first human depictions of Tartessos

Archaeologists in Spain have unearthed five life-size busts of human figures that could be the first-known human depictions of the Tartessos, a people who formed an ancient civilization that disappeared more than 2,500 years ago. The carved stone faces, which archaeologists date to the fifth century B.C., were found hidden inside a sealed pit in […]

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