Plants Absorb More CO2 Than Expected, New Study

New findings, published in Science Advances on November 17, present an unusually optimistic outlook for the planet. This stems from a more realistic ecological modeling approach, suggesting that the Earth's plants might have the capacity to absorb...

Remarkable Underwater Discovery Following a Trail of Crabs in the Galápagos

Scientists have discovered a new hydrothermal vent field in the Galápagos — with the help of crabs. While the team used an array of sensitive equipment to zero in on the possible location, the sight of increasingly dense populations of galatheid...

Surprising Habits of Large Predatory Fish Revealed in New Study

If you’ve ever witnessed a shark breach the water—whether in person or somewhere on the Internet—that fleeting but awe-inspiring moment is just a small fraction of the time it spends at the surface of the ocean. Most of the time sharks and...




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