30 Sep, 2023

Why You Shouldn’t Worry If You’re Over 30s Old: Overcoming the Fear of Aging

In a world that often celebrates youth and vitality, it’s not uncommon for individuals in their 30s and beyond to grapple with the fear of aging. This fear can manifest in various ways, from concerns about physical changes to worries about missed opportunities. However, it’s essential to recognize that aging is a natural and inevitable […]

4 mins read

How to Protect Yourself from Early Alzheimer’s: A Scientific Approach

Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating neurodegenerative disorder that primarily affects the elderly population, leading to memory loss, cognitive decline, and a gradual loss of independence. While age remains the most significant risk factor, research has shown that adopting certain lifestyle changes and habits can help protect against early onset Alzheimer’s disease. In this article, we […]

3 mins read

New Study Reveals Gene Linked to Faster Multiple Sclerosis Progression

A study of more than 22,000 people with multiple sclerosis (MS) has for the first time identified a genetic variant associated with faster progression of the disease, an accumulation of disability that can rob patients of their mobility and independence over time. Multiple sclerosis begins as an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the […]

4 mins read

Woman fired for transgender tweet awarded over $127,000

A woman who lost her job for tweeting that transgender women are biologically male has been awarded more than £100,000 ($127,000) by a British tribunal. She claimed that she was discriminated against for holding “perfectly ordinary beliefs about the material reality of sex.” In a judgment handed down on Friday, a London-based employment tribunal ordered […]

2 mins read

Kids Math Ability Has Gone Backward by Decades in The US, New study

American 13-year-olds continue to struggle academically in the wake of the pandemic, especially in mathematics, according to official data out Wednesday. The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), a project that has been monitoring test scores since 1969, tested students in late 2022, finding reading and math scores significantly dropped compared to late 2019. Average […]

1 min read

Surprising Links Between Cognition and Personality Traits, New study

In a groundbreaking study by the University of Minnesota, research has uncovered unexpected correlations between human cognition and personality traits — the cornerstones of individual identity that mold our persona and influence our engagement with the world. Our personalities dictate our behaviors, feelings, and thinking processes, establishing whether we are outgoing, courteous, tenacious, inquisitive, or […]

3 mins read