30 Sep, 2023

Climate Change Predictions in the Future: A Comprehensive Assessment

Climate change, primarily driven by human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and industrial processes, has emerged as one of the most critical challenges facing humanity. As the global climate continues to evolve, understanding and predicting the future trajectory of climate change is vital for informed decision-making. Rising Temperatures One of the […]

2 mins read

Giant Spider Consumed by Parasitic Fungus Unveiled in Horrifying Photo

A rare image has captured the moment a huge spider is “defeated” and engulfed by a parasitic fungus, with spores bursting from the arachnid’s back, legs and head The striking photo is one of the winning images from the BMC Ecology and Evolution photography competition. The picture, taken by evolutionary biologist Roberto García-Roa, was named […]

3 mins read

Record-Breaking Heatwave Sweeps Three Continents Amid Climate Crisis

Scorching weather gripped three continents on Sunday, whipping up wildfires and threatening to topple temperature records as the dire consequences of global warming take shape.​ Predictions of historic heat hung over swathes of Asia, Europe and the United States. In the Vatican, 15,000 people braved sweltering temperatures to hear Pope Francis lead prayer, using parasols […]

4 mins read

Fungi stores a third of carbon from fossil fuel emissions annually, new study

The vast underground network of fungi beneath our feet stores over 13 gigatons of carbon around the world, roughly equivalent to 36 per cent of yearly global fossil fuel emissions, according to new research. It is widely believed that mycorrhizal fungi could store carbon, as the fungi forms symbiotic relationships with almost all land plants […]

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Crocodile’s ‘virgin birth’ is a First of Its Kind Phenomenon, New study

Stories of virgin births, where young are produced without fertilisation, have been told throughout history. Mars the ancient Roman god, Horus the ancient Egyptian god and Qi from ancient Chinese mythology were all born to virgins. But virgin births actually do happen in the natural world. The first evidence of a virgin birth in crocodiles […]

5 mins read

Climate Change Could Trigger Antarctica’s Massive Tsunamis, New Study

Climate change could unleash gigantic tsunamis in the Southern Ocean by triggering underwater landslides in Antarctica, a new study warns. By drilling into sediment cores hundreds of feet beneath the seafloor in Antarctica, scientists discovered that during previous periods of global warming — 3 million and 15 million years ago — loose sediment layers formed […]

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