Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

The United States urged its citizens not to travel to Russia and leave its territory immediately, according to a statement published by the US Embassy in Moscow on its website on Monday.

“Do not travel to Russia because of the unpredictable consequences” of the conflict in Ukraine, and the possibility of arbitrary detention or “harassment” by Russian law enforcement agencies, the statement said.

He added, “US citizens residing in or traveling to Russia should leave immediately… You should exercise extra caution because of the possibility of illegal arrests.”

According to the statement, Russia may “refuse to recognize US citizenship for dual nationals, prevent their access to US consular assistance, subject them to mobilization, prevent their departure from Russia, and/or recruit them.”

On September 28 last year, the US embassy issued a similar warning, urging its citizens to leave Russia as long as “there are still opportunities to do so.”