Fri. May 24th, 2024

Elon Musk is currently facing a significant boycott from government and corporate giants around the world for advertising on the X platform.

  • The giant company IBM decided yesterday to ban all its ads on X.
  • The world’s largest company, Apple, issued a decision minutes ago to ban all its ads on the X platform.
  • The European Union has requested all executive services in the Union to stop displaying ads on X.
  • Galad Science Company has stopped advertising on X.
  • The giant company Adobe has joined the ad boycott on the X platform.

The reasons?

  • Allegations that Elon Musk supports the statement “Jews spread hatred and then claim victimhood,” which is considered anti-Semitic.
  • Allegations of posts on the platform calling for anti-Semitism.
  • Claims about posts that are said to promote misleading information, and that the platform allows them to be published without taking action to stop them.
  • Allegations of the platform allowing subscribers to upload videos and posts supporting Nazism, fascism, and anti-Semitism.