30 Sep, 2023

New Archaeological Finds Challenge Ancient Pyramid Myths

The pyramids of Giza astonished researchers for many centuries with their large size, symmetry, and even their mysterious spaces and frightening rooms, and the confusing puzzle revolved around the construction techniques that the ancient Egyptians used to erect these wonderful harmonious buildings without modern technology, as well as who built them specifically, and whether they […]

7 mins read

How Has Earth’s Core Maintained Its Heat Similar to the Sun’s Surface Over Billions of Years?

The Earth’s layered structure, which includes moving plates, is heated by remnants of the planet’s formation and the decay of radioactive isotopes. Geoscientists use seismic waves to study these internal structures and movements, which are critical for environmental changes and life evolution on Earth. The internal heat drives plate movements, contributing to phenomena like earthquakes, […]

6 mins read

Ultramassive Black Hole Dwarfing Most Galaxies in the Universe

An ‘ultramassive’ black hole described as being on the “upper limit” of how big the cosmic bodies can theoretically become has been discovered by UK scientists, according to a study published on Wednesday by the Royal Astronomical Society. A team from Durham University discovered the black hole using a technique called gravitational lensing, which enables […]

2 mins read